Project Manager

Project Managers provide crucial support to the client leads and project teams from pitch and proposal thought to final delivery. The role is both an external and an internal one; balancing the needs and requirements of the client with the needs and requirements of the internal team to help ensure that the quality of the work is high, projects are run efficiently, communications are clear and the process is both smooth and fun!

Project managers work closely with people from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines – design, strategy, new business, finance and resourcing. You will need to understand how our business works, how we work with each other and with clients, and how to push the buttons of an array of different personalities. You are the Design Director’s right hand, helping to motivate the team, during times of high stress, averting potential obstacles (both internally and externally) with a light but firm touch and being total masters of giving people the right information at just the right time.

We're looking for someone who has

  • Amazing energy and drive, with a can do attitude
  • A great understanding of human behavior
  • Able to anticipate needs before they happen
  • Have ‘spidey' senses about how a client culture operates, what individual agendas might be, how decisions get made, etc
  • Exceptional listening and communication skills
  • Shares same ambitions and expectations as our company

We're looking for someone who is

  • Able to multi-task and be super buttoned up
  • Keep multiple small to medium sized projects tracking at once
  • Manage timelines, scopes of work, handling all of the details from top-to-bottom
  • Able to keep the big picture front of mind, but also get down into the weeds
  • Flexible in approach; this is not the right job for a box ticker
  • Be proactive and have a desire to learn and grow within the company

Your Experience:
2+ years of experience in account/program management (corporate, brand or client side)

How to apply
Please email your resume & relevant work experience info to
Subject Line: Project Manager