Senior Designer (Graphics & Branded Environments)

The majority of the creative “heavy lifting” takes place by the head and hands of this person. The senior designer is primarily responsible for the visual thrust behind any ideas being expressed, but should also contribute as much to the strategic thinking and rationale behind those ideas. As our projects tend to be lengthy and multi-faceted, a senior designer may find themselves at times be the lead creative (most senior) on a particular project, either in part or in total. This requires that they have the basic skills necessary to manage both themselves and their projects – leading others and delivering compelling work throughout the process.

This is the pivotal design role at the studio – you are the main engine of the design that happens here. Your primary job is to push our design forwards – with brilliant creative ideas, amazing design and craft skills, and smart strategic thinking. Senior Designers lead work streams on larger projects and solely lead small to medium sized project, leading multidiscipline teams and giving constructive direction and guidance to the designers working with you.

You'll get to
Experiment and contribute to design solutions for a number of different clients.

    We're looking for someone who will

    • Bring brand strategy to life as brand expression for our global clients
    • Have the ability to deliver/oversee brand expression development and asset creation with production teams for delivery to global clients
    • Enjoy brainstorming initial ideas and carry them through to concept development - ultimately taking the expression through to final implementation.
    • Deal directly with clients, presenting work and articulating the design intent and how it expresses the brand experience idea
    • Enjoy public speaking, interview and present on behalf of the studio to the industry, press & clients 
    • Constantly be on top of what is going on in the world of design/art/fashion/creativity and bring that information and inspiration into the design studio, integrated into our work. 
    • Be a problem solver and invest in getting to know the problem well
    • Have the ability to think ahead - forecasting the future needs of clients and the overall project work stream

    You will

    • Manage small teams and give specific and constructive direction and feedback
    • Inspire and excite colleagues and clients
    • Have strong creative instincts and willingness to push yourself and others further
    • Contribute to the overall studio's creative point-of-view and vision
    • Present your own work with strong strategic and creative rationale. Be articulate, confident and assertive in presenting work

    We're looking for someone who has a

    • Bachelor’s degree in design or equivalent qualification
    • Strong design portfolio 
    • 100% credibility in one of our core disciplines of graphic design, branding (Work experience with interiors a bonus)
    • Work history showing thought in concepts and ideas (substance), not just visual execution (style)
    • Creative experience ideally of at least 3 plus years, however, if your talent trumps the timeframe, we're ready to overlook that too

    How to apply
    Please email your resume & portfolio/samples of your work to
    Subject Line: Senior Designer