The Piracy Conspiracy

Is there anything new under the sun? Where do ideas come from? How far does referencing or remixing go before being counted as original?

P.G. Aditya, Executive Creative Director of Dentsu Webchutney found himself faced with questions like these throughout his advertising career - for a field that takes pride on being creative, is it really? And how does it work for everyone else? In the quest to understand what creativity and originality mean today, in the age of endless information, he discovered some compelling insights.

Join us for a conversation with him about how the concept of creative thinking has evolved over the centuries, and what that means for our interpretation of originality today.

For tickets, head to Townscript.

Date: Saturday, 16th March, 2019
Time: 4.00pm to 7.00pm.
Venue: Enterspace

Nearest Metro Station: Green Line, Srirampura

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Past Events


Vincent, 2nd March

165 years and 11 months ago, the world’s most famous misunderstood genius was born. Today, SpaceJam celebrated Vincent Van Gogh, prolific post-impressionist painter and one of the most influential figures in the history of Western Art with a short, gallery-esque event comprising a film screening, a small workshop, and an informal exhibition of the master painter’s work.

‘Loving Vincent’, the world’s first fully painted feature film, tells the tale of the last years of Van Gogh's existence and narrates his death through interviews with characters from his life. The film uses 65,000 oil-painted frames by 125 professional oil-painters from all across the world, and is a glorious watch.

Post the film, everyone channeled their inspiration in an immersive colouring workshop, creating Van Goghs of their own to take home.


Kalp Sanghvi

x Abhimanyu Ghimiray

Our first event had Kalp Sanghvi, animator extraordinare and Abhimanyu Ghimiray, awe inspiring illustrator and mural artist, take us through their work, as well as the work their studios do. They hosted a stop motion workshop in the end to give us a glimpse into communicating emotions through simple animation.